Our Address is:

1800 Highway 32 North
Walhalla, ND

Make sure YOUR NAME is in the shipping address.

When we get parcels without a name, they're opened to try to identify the receiver.

Put YOUR phone number on the contact info for your shipment.
If there's a problem with your shipment, the shipper or carrier wants to get in touch with YOU.

Bring the tracking info for your parcel with you. It can make locating your parcel much easier.

Your shipper should send you a tracking number for your parcel once it has left their warehouse. You can check online with the carrier (Fedex, UPS, USPS, etc) to find out where your parcel is and when it will be delivered.

Some shippers will send you a message with an estimated delivery date. That is only an estimate, and not a guarantee that the parcel will arrive by that date. Tracking information will give you an accurate timeline.

The only carrier that delivers on Saturday is the United States Postal Service (USPS).

Your parcel is not on its way to us until your tracking info says "OUT FOR DELIVERY".
Even if tracking says it's in Fargo, or Grafton, or another city close by, it's not actually going to be delivered to us that day.
We won't have your parcel in our warehouse until your tracking information says "DELIVERED".

Make sure you have a copy of your invoice with you. Not all companies include a copy with the shipment. You WILL need an invoice to bring goods back into Canada, even for personal use.

We ship and receive small and large parcels, from envelopes to farm equipment.

New Rates!!!!

Envelope - $2.00/envelope

parcels 1-20lbs $2.50/parcel

parcels 21-40lbs $4.00/parcel

parcels 41-50lbs $5.00/parcel

parcels 51-70lbs $7.00/parcel

parcels 71-80lbs $9.00/parcel

parcels 81-90lbs $10.00/parcel

parcels 91-100lbs $13.00/parcel

pallets $25.00/pallet, in and out

Our pricing is in US dollars. Yes, we accept Canadian Currency!

We accept cash and cheques. No credit or debit cards.

Need to ship a parcel from the US?

We're a dropoff depot for large carriers, Fedex, UPS, and Speedee Delivery.

We charge the same rates listed above, plus the shipping charges from the carrier.